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Welcome to the Fortune!

We are a raiding/leveling WoW guild on Kel’Thuzad/US, established 1/10/2009. 

We are a newly established raiding guild. We have been ranked on wow-progress for the first time on March 22nd, and ranked on wowjutsu three weeks before. We have evolved from a leveling guild. Right now we have about 50 level 80s, and 80+ level 70s. We have about 280 members total, the majority of our members are still leveling. We have started our experimental 10-man in February and successfully cleared first two naxx wings three weeks in a row. Right now we have full-fledged 10-man team, cleared construct quarter and currenlty preparing for Ulduar raids. In 25-man content, we have cleared Sartharion and forming naxx 25 team March 27th for the first time. Wish us the best luck!

For toons less than level 80 we still pose as leveling guild; we are running instances daily; priority time is 5-7pm server, which is convenient for raiders who level their alts, since most raids start at 7pm. We have high-speed vent, 4 slot free exchange bank, tabard and a web site.  

Our raiding times are 7pm to 11pm server time (which is EST+2), days are Tu Th Sat Sun and others.

All raids are posted on calendar. Please check in-game calendar to find out about raids.

Guild Information

Guild information pages are located on the left panel.

If you want to know more about the guild, please read the guild codex on 'GUILD STATUTE' Page.

The loot rule info is on the 'Loot Rule' page. Please read about the claim system we are using for raids. Claim system is a replacement for DKP system with random elements.

If you do not know any Naxxramas 10 fight, take time to browse short fight notes ('memory cards') on ' Short Notes (Naxxramas 10)' Page. You might want to install some WoW notepad addon to have those notes at hand. 

A list of Guild Hall items as well as Guild Hall information is on the 'Guild Hall Info' Page.

(to appear ...) Raiding Preparation: the list of addons required/desirable for raids as well as the list of web sites of interest. 

(to appear ...) Level 80 gearing up guide.

(to appear ...) How to level 3 chars to 60 in 5 days with RAF guide.

(to appear ...) MOTD Archive.

(to appear ...) The Fortune guild rank hotlinks.

(to appear ...) The member roster.

Other Guild News

April 9. Fortune jumped 30 places on KT ladder

pavelb2000, Apr 9, 09 10:45 AM.
After yesterday's update, Fortune moved to 64th place on KT rank ladder, from 98th! 

Grats guild members, keep it up!


GM laptop issues

pavelb2000, Apr 4, 09 2:21 PM.
Hey, Guys,

This night i got my laptop stolen from the lab, so now i have neither laptop nor game copy. I dont know when the issue will be resolved. You will have to go without me for some time. The guild officers will be doing weekly raids at the same time 7pm TuThSun as well as other days. Go into Ulduar the week it starts (a week from today is the most likely) and also continue naxx 10. Try naxx 25 on weekend nights, this is the time most guildies can attend. Post new MOTDs, do raids and heroics, and promote people.
I expect you guys to progress when i come back. I trust in you.
Keep me informed by replying to this message. Or call my cell 407-6834264.
update: I ordered a laptop. It will arrive in the 20th of april or sooner. 


April 1. Agenda for today's naxx 10

pavelb2000, Apr 1, 09 3:23 PM.
For naxx 10 tonight, we will run the same team we trained for the last 3 weeks. We will try to clear as fast as possible. We are bringing in all 4 tanks, so that they learn the fights and start the second naxx 10 team next week or week after that. The offtanks will be given chance to MT/OT bosses. We will be using notes/boss explanation if needed.

In general, I would like the guild to adopt the glass is half full phillosophy. We will attempt to solve all problems as they come and progress in the game.

March 31. Post-raid guild discussion

pavelb2000, Apr 1, 09 2:28 PM.
Here is GMs view on things we discussed yesterday in guild channel. 
It is very good if higher levels help lower levels to run instances and hard quests. They show lower levels tricks of the game, help them get level appropriate drops; this generally helps a lot to establish a spirit of friendship and cooperation in the guild. However, the game is designed in such a way that it is not possible to fail at leveling your character to 80, even if you are pre-schooler. It is tedious, takes 2-4 month, but eventually you will be at 80. Therefore, there is no real need for 80s to run lower levels every day and powerlevel them. Lower levels already benefit a lot from being in the guild, they can always ask advice or help and they can level with similarly leveled characters. When I leveled my first 80, I was lucky enough to be in some farm guild which helped me a lot; if i stumbled somewhere, I used to ask the guild.
If you want to help lower levels, you can write some <mage, shaman, hunter ...> leveling guide and post it on this site. The page will contain information on where to level, how to level, what spec to use, what spells to use and such. This will help alot. 
On the other hand, it IS possible to fail at advanced 80 content, both gearing and raiding, and especially at very competitive PvP. Its also hard to get into the decent raiding guild, the supply high exceeds the demand. Thats why many people fail at their classes and reroll. In our guild, about 50% of 80s are currently failing at advanced content after reaching 80 which is only seen by me. Why dont we help them first, at least by running through heroics? Some people panic, stop listening and start doing what they think they need to do. We have lost two our officers in this way. Despite I told him twice than he should believe me, do what he told and the guild will eventually get him there, he was not listening. Now he is rolling his own guild, with 92 lower levels who are doomed to fail with him.
This is how we should allocate our help. We need to make stress on harder problems.

March 31. Started naxx 25 team for the first time, first bosses down in naxx 25

pavelb2000, Apr 1, 09 2:23 PM.
We have identified 6 things which did not go right in our first naxx 25 raid.

1. Lag
The lag between 7 and 9pm on Tuesday was an issue before; then, after some people left the server because of queues, we had no lag for some time. Now it is back. We will not schedule naxx and ulduar raids on Tuesdays any more, only OS and Malygos raids.
2. Pugs and dps shortage
When they see that some people on the raid are not enough competent or geared they become arrogant and start giving out their advices. They are also not loyal, they leave when they want, usually after couple of wipes. I would love not to invite many pugs, which means we need about 7-9 more dps for naxx 25 in the guild. It does not appear that so many dps will level to 80 soon, so we need to find them elsewhere.
3. Off-tanking at Faerlina
As well as offtanking at some other bosses. Our offtanks are new to the game, so they need to do a lot of learning, including learning all of DKs abilities as well as bosses. They are progressing fast though. On Wednesday, April 1st, we will have a learning session of naxx 10, with all 4 tanks in. Hopefully, this will help us at Faerlina and other bosses in naxx 25 on Thursday as well as help us start the second naxx 10 team. Please do some boss reading on wowwiki before raids. Also, I would like Moods to be out tank Master and oversee the progress of other tanks. Lets talk in game about this.
4. Spam healing at patch
This is the most important issue of all. The MT (30K warrior) was being hit for 23-24K hatefuls while OT (35K DK) was hit for 25-27K hatefuls. They both were two-hit. This is how the things are in 25 man, 25s are tough. This is real raiding. Our healers (6-7) were clearly not knowing how to cope with tanks being two-hit for the course of 6 min, we never experienced it before. This is a bump on the way to Thaddius which needs to be dealt with. Maybe we need to do some spam healing learning session and arrange healers better for patch. Improving tank gear and working on buffs may help too.
5. General lack of trust in your own abilites
We did our first naxx 10 a month ago, and it was bad. Now, just a month later, we have cleared the entire content. The same way we will do with naxx 25 if you trust your own abilities and improve. If you dont trust, this will never get you anywhere.  
In particular, we should have attempted Faerlina for the second time and let offtanks and others learn the fight. This was in reach of our team, even being 5 people short atm. I dont like the idea to stop trying because you are failing.
6. DPS
While it was sufficient for patch, which is great in itself, especially for the first try, it can be vastly improved. For example, we downed first spider boss in 7+ min, while the fastest time on my record is 3.18 min. 

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